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Our goal is to alleviate your administrative burden, while providing superlative care to your patients and
communicating with you in an exemplary fashion.

The Bone Health Clinic specializes in providing a Comprehensive, Holistic, Patient-Specific approach to the
prevention, diagnosis, and treatment of metabolic bone disease. Learn more about Our Approach

Common Specialties we work with:

This list is not exhaustive, and as you can see, a wide range of providers encounter patients that would
benefit from having their bone health evaluated.

Our Approach

Performing A Comprehensive Fall Risk Assessment

Our providers spend an extended amount of time with each patient performing a comprehensive assessment of risk factors for bone disease and falls. We also provide in house DXA imaging with a research-grade machine and highly trained staff.

Holistic Care

Our focus is on reducing fracture risk by optimizing nutrition and supplements, a comprehensive fall risk assessment, and addressing any muscular weakness or postural imbalances through specific exercise programs. We also treat bone health with cutting-edge prescription medications as needed.

Personalized Treatment Plan

Each patient receives a customized two-year treatment plan to optimize their bone health. We communicate this plan with the primary care doctor or referring physician.

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Thank you for entrusting us with the care of your patient. We look forward to collaborating with you. We will reach out to the patient via their preferred method of contact within the next 48 hours to schedule an appointment.